Pinus nigra.


Pinus nigra Brepo is the name of this dwarf Pine variety. It is a very slow grower who grows more or less in ball shape. This example is a little older than the useal garden center plants. This plant was about 20 years old. This picture is taken in Januari 2007 after the first styling and we used some of the branches, even if they were not correct on the right place. For example lower branch that starts on the front of the trunk. The rest came out of the branches from the apex and from one branch in the back. We had to use raffia as well to prevent breaking.


This photo is taken in October 2008 from another angle which is better for the 1st branch. The tree is unwired and now we are following up once a year the progress of the ramifications. Dwarf Pines are easy to follow up because they make a very compact growth.


July 2009 already a big difference, the Pine starts to become dense. Except cleaning the needles every year there was not so much maintenance to do. The tree was kept well fertilised and the soil mix works perfect.


April 2010, the tree in the owners garden on a perfect spot in full sun is now very dense. April is not a good time to work on Pines, he has to grow a couple of months more.


On last saturdays workshop the owner came back and finally we could start on our first selecting and pruning job.


Different things needed to be done; the older growth was too high and we needed to do a selection of the smaller ones, we needed to remove everything underneath, shorten in the outside growth and we made the apex less dense.


In the apex of a tree it is always a different kind of pruning than on the lower branches. We need a little bit long growth, but it has to be thinned out seriously. From now on this tree makes his start as a bonsai. We achieved this in about 6 years plus 2 years preparation as a plant. This example shows us not to look very close in a garden plant if all the branches are on the right place, but it prooves even if they are not we can make a beautiful tree out of it. With this advantage that he looks not like every other tree.





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  1. Ik wil Danny van harte bedanken om van deze op het eerste zicht onmogelijke boom te vormen en mij de verdere jaren te begeleiden.
    Bedankt Danny !


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