Hamamelis mollis.

Hamamelis plant.jpg

The plant I started with to create my Hamamelis mollis bonsai was quite similar to this garden plant mine was just older. The variety is not so common in the bonsai world but for me it was important to work with a big variation in my collection. Especially flowering bonsai and nice autumn colours are always welcome and than you have the year around attractive trees in the collection.

Hamamelis in blad_1.jpg

There are not so many options to style trees with thin trunks. The first thing I had to do was to make my trunk interesting by giving it a heavy wiring with 2 times 5mm over the whole trunk so I could create a nice bunjin movement. But notice that the trunk and branches are breaking  very easily. This photo is taken in the middle 90’s, after the 1st wiring and repotting, one year after the main styling of the trunk.

Hamamelis in bloei_1.jpg

This is one of the reasons I work with this variety. The tree flowers, depending on the season, in januari or februari. It is a slow growing variety, so you do not have to do a lot of winter pruning. One important thing with flowering trees, if you want flowers every year, do not prune your branches in the flowerbudding season, which is for this variety august.

Hamamelis bloesem_detail.jpg

Detail of the flowers, in normal weather conditions they flower more than a month, even in temperatures far below zero.

Hamamelis in blad_2.jpg

In the summer the tree produces a lot of big leaves. I have to do some leaf pruning of 50% every summer.

Hamamelis in bloei_2.jpg

A couple of years later more branches and another wiring. The volume is now too big for a good proportion between trunk and foliage. The more I let this grow the thicker my branches become and I want to keep only the inside part. It is not an easy variety for back budding by pruning, sometimes your inside buds come more easy by strong growing.

Hamamelis herfst.jpg

Another attraction point is the autumn colour, depending on the weather, october – november.

Hamamelis winter_zijde1.jpg

Recent restyling; I used complete new inside young growth to make the tree more compact. Some varieties that are not easy backbudding needed sometimes younger growth to be used inside to make a new crown. This is something that can happen every 10 years.

Hamamelis winter.jpg

With the more compact crown there are more possible front sides.


Is now on the sales benches.


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