Juniperus rigida_2.


This is the working material that we need for the next step. Especially the glasses are important.


The tree is now completely trimmed. This is the normal maintenance for this kind of tree. On the weaker branches we leave some growing points.


Every 4 to 5 years there is a lot of pruning to do on the  mature trees. Thinning and create empty spaces are the main steps. This pruning combined with botanical pruning. If I have to explain you would not understand. Pruning is more than making a tree more beautiful.



The way the work is carried out is important. Pruning without causing dammage to the buds and the needles.


A detailed photo of old age within the fine ramification. Age up to the top of the tree.


Detail of botanical pruning over all the growth around divided and yet all the same direction.


After 6 hours intensive pruning a break. Half way there with this job.


After many years of training, a new development in the crown. This is the future front. Now first is still one day picking needles. A good rigida consists of nearly the same amount of small branches (ramifications) as needles. So many branches with on each branch a few needles.

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