This flowering specimen is not so common as a bonsai. This tree is origin Japan and still in his building up state. Already a very good image, flowers end of april – mai – juin, depending were the tree stands (greenhouse or outside)  and the weather.


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Finding and using older schrubs from the garden is a winterjob. This Escalonia on the photo was already two years in the pot and had his first branch selection and first wiring. Some carving work was done on two strong trunks that we left over from the seven or eight trunks. You do not want to see the beginning material when it just came from the garden. There was at first side no bonsai potential.


This variety is a very strong grower, every summer we could add on lots of new young branches and ramifications.


After two summers the tree is already too dense and we need to bring some structure in it by pruning. The most important thing is a combination of thinning out and prune it “beautiful”, which is not easy to do by following “rules”. This kind of pruning has to come from heart, mind & experience and not only from knowledge.


This is what we call a short time project; when we achieve our first image in less than 5 years, including digging up.


Grafted yamadori Juniper.

Jun kettingz_1..jpg

In the beginning of 2000 I had a big Juniper yamadori from Japan. The first branches started very high, about at 1m60. I decided to bring a long branch from the tree down and grafted him in the life vein.


Jun kettingz_1detail.jpg                                    Jun kettingz_1detail_2.jpg

The life vein was thick enough to graft but to be sure that the upperpart would survive I had to leave at both sides a little bit living space. It was important that I carved deep enough. The long branch was flexibel enough and I fixed it togheter with a nail and a hammer.

Jun kettingz_2.jpg

Two years later I removed piece by piece all the unnecessary foliage with intervals of two months and the grafted branch became stronger and stronger. The tree was now ready for the first wiring of the main branches.

Jun.Ch.kettingzaag 009 Klein.JPG

Two years later I did some big carving work with a chain saw to bring more movement in the straight trunk by separating the living part and the deadwood from each other till half way the trunk.

Jun.Ch.kettingzaag 013 Klein.JPG

I continued with some more refined carving work with power tools. The tree was at that time two years in his first bonsai pot. After the carving work he was ready for more detailed wiring.

Jun.Ch.kettingzaag 019 Klein.JPG

First I selected the finished pot and we are now looking for the best angle.

Jun.Ch.kettingzaag 028 Klein.JPG

The tree repotted and wired are goal is now putting growth on every year that we can use the volume to bring the foliage in balance with the deadwood.


This photo is recently taken, in 2012, inside the tree we still see the grafted branch, but it is very strong now and it the only branch that pulls on the life vein.


Back side of the tree; nice movement and the deadwood looks natural.


One side of the tree, impressive foliage.


Other side, this is not exactly the front side but more or less. The foliage is now ready to be thinned out and the tree stands on his own branches without wire. This was a project of about 12 years to start from scratch to finish with a mature tree.

To all the Followers  of my Blog a Happy Newyear. With so many  visitors from all over the globe I will continue my BLOG in 2013.