Picea yamadori – Part four.


It was a choice not to give the tree his final angle in the pot; otherwise the most important roots,  who are connected with the foliage,  would have been above the soil level and they were not yet refined enough.


The inside of the root ball stays untouched and we fill the pot with pure akadama.


The tree about 12 years later. Ready for a another styling to achieve our goal. In the meantime he was repotted in a smaller round pot. But still he was leaning over too much.


I thin out drastically for two reasons; there is still an important repotting to do and the tree was not trimmed the last two years so these last years we did not get smaller growth.



Will be continued tomorrow.


Picea yamadori – Part three.


We decide to work with only one branch and make the tree as small as possible.


The jin needs to be styled. Be careful with giving another angle, all the roots have to fit in the pot, if they do not fit, it is better to do it in two steps.


We change the position again a little more upwards.


This is the first vision of the future.


We use a over sized first pot to obtain a more compact rootball. The tree can grow with fine new roots on the outside that keep the tree healthy and strong. After a couple of years we can prune the roots back drastically and than we have a more compact rootball with finer roots also on the inside.

Will be continued tomorrow.

For Sale.


Pinus sylvestris yamadori in half-cascade for sale. Tree was four years in a plastic container and now repotted in the best possible angle. There is already a compact rootball with fine roots. The tree is ready to be styled from September on. Price: 950€

Pinus densiflora.


This is an european Red Pine. Styled 1st time two years ago. Ready for trimming the needles and another wiring. Excellent starters material. Price for the Pinus on the photo: 175€. Three pieces available in different styles and prices.


This is a meditarean type of Red Pine. The tree is now repotted and there is a branch selection done. The tree is ready for wiring, we prepared the tree but the price remains the same as before: 95€.
Making the needles smaller is a technic which we explain after buying of the tree. This is also excellent work shop material.