Shohin area.


We have put our shohin and chuhin together in one sales area.


All these trees are for sale by appointment. In this part of the sales space is no free access.


There are besides the finished trees also trees in oversized cultivation pots. We give advice to our customers.


A nice assortment of kusamono, already long time in the pot, in different varieties.


For sale Ligustrum chuhin, in moyogi style, in handmade pot. Thick trunk, nice ramifications. Special price: 175€.

Picea windswept.


Yesterday I prepared this Picea for spring. By selecting and thinning of the branches it will be easier, when the tree begins to grow, to do the  “soft pinching”.


This is the way to thin out; left side is done. Try to keep the foliage as compact as possible.


Back side of this “Fukinagashi” (windswept style). This particular tree is a combination of Bunjin and windswept style which makes it even more special.


This is the front side. The two small jins also point in the same direction as the foliage and the caracter of the trunk shows that the tree lives in a windy environment. The tree is now more than 4 years without wire and needs a wiring of the main branches to adjust the caracter. In a couple of weeks the tree will be repotted in another pot that fits better with the whole caracter. After 6 years training the Picea is nearly ready for exhibitions but I will wait 1 year after repotting so the tree is stabilized.






We start with making our outdoor displays. For these conifers (Juniper, Pine, Larch) it is no problem, even if it gets colder again. It is better that they are outside and slowly begin to grow. Do not forget to secure the trees with a rope, because there can be a lot of windy days in the spring


Another corner with deciduous and flowering trees such as Sakura (Prunus), Acer and Carpinus. I put them outside so they start budding and flowering slowly. When the temperatures drop below zero we will have to take them inside again overnight and put them back outside in the morning. For these trees it is better outside than in the greenhouse. A deciduous tree that starts growing outside is stronger and has better leaf quality.


Malus for sale. Price: 325€. Now in promotion for: 250€.


Detail of the flowers.



We have larix decidua and Larix leptolepis for forest plantings, group plantings, rock plantings and individual trees and this of different ages from 5 to 12 years old. They are potted with bare roots and therefore now interesting for forest creations because they can be planted close to each other in the bonsaipot. This work has to be done within the next coming month, before they start growing. They are in our cultivation area and can be selected on appointment only.