Satsuki Azalea.


Today I prepared this red flowering satsuki Azalea for sho-hin. A very powerful trunk, from root base to apex 20cm high. The trunk base underneath  11cm wide. Nice root base. The branch selection is already done. Enough branches to do a first wiring. Tomorrow I will prepare another seven Azalea of the same material. Price: 250€. This is extremely good sho-hin material.

Todays workshop.


The Juniperus itoigawa  of which we discussed the different options; see post of 12/01/2013, came back today on the workshop to create the deadwood and to do a branch selection. The tree is completely changed and is now more elegant.



This Juniperus had not such an interesting trunk line. He had an inversed taper line of the trunk.


We had to remove a lot of deadwood over the whole line, from bottom to apex.


On the floor you can see the pieces of wood that we have removed.


After the work with the split cutter we create more movement with the powertool.


This is not the front side. The photo shows the result of the movement we created in the trunk. The tree will come back on another workshop to continue the work.




This Larix has a straight trunk,I want to bring some movement in it.


Raffia, straight wire and again raffia prevent the trunk from breaking during bending.


I bend with tools to start and  half way I continue by hand.


I put some tension wires to keep it in that angle for a year.


From straight to half cascade without breaking.


The tree styled and repotted.

Juniperus sabina.


This Juniperus sabina was a branch of a yamadori that has been grafted, on his life vein, with a young Juniperus itoigawa. After he got his new roots he was cut off from the mother plant. In the pot you can still see the left over of the cutted Itoigawa.


I find this small size yamadori very interesting. The whole movement of the tree is extremely elegant for such a small sized tree.


The movement seen from the other side.

We still have a Juniperus sabina raw material  for sale with the same qualities but in a bigger size.



If you can not see the final result in this material, I can show you the possibilities.