Taxus cuspidata.


This is a unique piece, probably more than 800 years old.


I repotted the tree last spring and next coming month I am going to start working on it.


In the 80’s & 90’s the tree was a very famous bonsai in Japan. We are going to restore this forgotten glory.


During a restoration it is not the meaning to change front nor the image.


Deadwood at the back of the tree. If there is no offer or an interested buyer we start the workon this Taxus end of Januari 2013. Always welcome to come and see the tree in reality. This is a extremely rare piece.


Juniperus Communis.

Jun PDW_1.jpg

I started in 1997 during a winterdemonstration with this Juniperus communis. This photo shows the back of the tree in reality the trunk continues in the pot and ended the other side of the pot. The biggest part of the trunk in the pot was under the soil and when I lifted it out I noticed that half away under the soil the trunk was nearly completely rotten. A compact half cascade tree was not possible because there were only roots at the end of the trunk.  

Jun PDW_2.jpg

This is a photo after the demonstration and this style was the only option. It was not possible to let the tree stand up in another style, because the rotten part was not strong enough. I kept all the foliage to start with.

Jun PDW_3.jpg

After two years the tree became stronger and made a lot of foliage. Notice the black tape on the trunk just above the pot; this was the weak (rotten) part and also this became much stronger. The life vein was doubled in size to feed all the foliage. I wanted to try to let the tree stand up now and look if it was strong enough already.

Jun PDW_4.jpg

Because I did the 1st repotting myself I knew where the roots were in the pot. I made the inclination with the whole pot in the angle that I wanted from the beginning.

Jun PDW_5.jpg

The cascade branch was not necessary anymore. I could not leave a lot of foliage on the tree 1st for the bunjin style and 2nd I was not sure that the weaker part in the trunk could carry a lot of weight. Notice that under the tape also there is an extra piece of wood that I taped in from the beginning to support the weeker part.

Jun PDW_6.jpg

I started to clean up all the deadwood and removed the tape and the piece of wood. I cleaned up the life vein, made some short yins from the branch I cut off and treated the whole deadwood with lime sulfer.


Jun PDW_7.jpg

A wiring of the bigger branches was done without going in detail because the younger needles were not ready for a selection and wiring. With not ready I mean not “strong” enough.



 I kept the tree for more than 10 years in my private collection, did the maintenance and thinning out and put growth on like on a needle Juniper. The tree was standing on his own branches without wire. This photo was taken recently in the tokonoma at home of one of my students who is now the new owner of the tree.


Close up of the tree.