Improving Juniperus.


Every day I pick some material out of our production to improve and to do the next steps. The good thing of our nursery is that we have lots of material prepared all over the years. This Juniper had his 1st styling 3 years ago, was potted up 2 years ago and now I created the deadwood to bring more movement in the trunk.


A big part of the work was done by the tree itself. By following the lines of the deadwood I could make a beautiful harmony between “jin & shari”.


This is the second wiring and it is clear that it will be a nice midsize tree.


For the moment we have many different pre styled parsonnii Junipers. They have all the potential to become good trees with the same kind of work. We styled them over 4 years and have them in different stages. Sometimes you do not have to look into impossible material. We have it well prepared and no risk at all. With a little bit of creativity we can create a unique tree.



Larix yamadori.

DSCF4825.jpg          DSCF4826.jpg

We prepared some Larix yamadori. We created the jins and selected the branches. They all are more than 4 years in the pot. They are ready for immediate wiring  and repotting  in a bonsaipot this spring. They are standing a couple of days un-wired for sale. After wiring, styling & repotting they will be for sale in another price range.

DSCF4823.jpg    DSCF4824.jpg

This one comes in another angle and needs a shari all over to make the movement better.

DSCF4788.jpg     DSCF4768.jpg

This is a “double trunk” with beautiful natural deadwood and a very old bark, with a little bit work during the repotting it is going to look special and natural.

DSCF4771.jpg        DSCF4828.jpg

After styling of this one, the trunks will come closer to each other in another angle, both trunks are going to have more movement. It will be a round pot with a windswept bunjin styled tree.



1_Juniperus Itoigawa_ruw_bis.jpg

In 1995 I found this Juniper in Japan in the garden of Terukichi Kato. He was the youngest of the 3 brothers of the famous Kato family. He was also supplying his two brothers with raw material. After his death I still had a good relationship with his son Akio Kato who was the judge on the first “Ginkgo Bonsai Award”.  Thanks to the Kato family and Kaneko, who was also a student of the Kato’s, I learned everything the “Old Skool” way, which I still follow.

2_Juniperus _Itoigawa_mei2000.jpg

Same tree five years later, being styled and in another pot. I reduced the deadwood a little bit. The big jin and the apex is too heavy and is leaning over backwards.


Five years later I reduced the big jin till he was in balance with the mouvement and let it disappear in the foliage, like that the tree looks smaller and more powerfull.


The root base and lifeline became thicker and stronger and had connection with the only branch with which the tree was created.


Side view of the tree, less dominating jin apex.


The tree recently well developped and is now ready for a next wiring which I am not going to do anymore, the tree is now for sale for a reasonable price for that quality.

Yesterday’s workshop.


This Metasequoia came in for a next step. A lot of work to do on the deadwood.


We gave the deadwood a new taper that was more in proportion with the size of the tree.


Than we gave more depth in the deadwood.


I pruned the branches back, ready for wiring. This is the backside of the tree.


Side view. The tree will come back on a workshop late spring to reduce the root system and to go in a flat pot.


This Juniper was ready for his final styling. It was started up with very young material about 4 or 5 years ago. Before we did all the deadwood, this is ready now and we choose the final position. I started to remove some branches.


After the branch selection I started to thin out the secondary branches.


Than cleaning out the needles and the tree is than prepared for wiring. During the workshops it is possible to come with several trees. This Juniper is of the same owner as the Metaseqoia. Also this Juniper will come back on a workshop after being wired and the foliage positioned. From there on we will improve the tree were necessary.


The finishing work on this Juniper’s deadwood.


I added a lot of details were necessary.


I found more deadwood under the bark and gave it the same character. Also this tree I pruned out and selected the branches. The  owner will wire the tree and come back on a work shop for positioning of the foliage.

From big to small_Crataegus

Crataegus voor.jpg

At the time that big trees were still popular I’ve styled this Hawtorn into a smaller size. It is now more than 10 years that I talk about making big trees smaller and so bring them more in proportion. It nearly has become an obsession. With this tree I focussed not on the 1st small developped branch above the jin but on the one at the left side with just a few young shoots on.




This is the tree now. I could easily reduce the big root, cut the trunk away and make a more refined jin. The few young shouts of 12 years ago became now older branches. It is a very powerfull tree now.