Juniperus Itiogawa.



Preparing Juniper for a successful growing season. This means carefully  thinning out especially with those trees that already reached their final image it is most important.  During this step one must carefully evaluate the tree’s health and strength in order to continue its training. As it happens this is a pruning for the Juniper’s most important growing season.

Pinus sylvestris.


Best time for pinching pines.


This pinching technique is only meant for trees that are already in a favourable phase of development for a couple of years.


The longest candles are being removed, some completely, others partial leaving just a small part, and this depending on the amount of back-budding.


In this developmental stage we limit our activities to the selection of candles while at the same time we still wait with picking the needles. This task could have been performed up to about a month ago. So during the outgrowth of the young candles needles are left alone for they, together with the young buds, are to brittle. Also leaving a few needles is necessary to enhance better back-budding.


In this season besides pinching and selecting candles and buds balancing of the branches is also required. This is a selective pruning for trees in their phase of development which is being performed from  around their second year of training until their final shape has been achieved.


A thinned out branch now ready to enter the growing season of pines with good results.

Pyracantha styling.


This Pyracantha pre-bonsai is ready to be started up as a new project.


Just some more explanation about us having to thin out drastically and the owner agrees totally so we can go for it.


The thinned out tree;  now first of all we have to carefully finish off the cutting marks and apply wound paste.


After wiring and styling the branches. This will be approximately the front side in the future. The project will  being transfered in a very wide but flat growing-pot.  At the end of summer some first extra wiring will be done. This is going to be a three to five year project where in the meantime we will work on the rootbase, ramification, thickening of the main branches, taper and adjust where needed. Starting up trees this way is guaranteed to be successful in a fairly short time.

Juniperus yamadori.


Between the maintenance courses trees are being prepared on a regular base to be styled in autumn.


 This Juniper yamadori is now ready to be repotted and from there on it will enter summer with healthy new growth.


 A thorough repotting was needed because the rootball had grown too dense.


 A selective pruning and thinning out to obtain healthier growing foliage next September-October.


A better inclination after repotting. From there on apply liquid organic fertilizer with low nitrogen in the first month.  After that switch to a solid organic one and allow firm growth.  From the end of September this yamadori will be ready to be wired and styled. During the entire month of June trees can still be prepared to be styled in autumn.