Mondays workshop – One to One.


This is the best time of the year to shape and repot a Taxus. Positioning the branches, full with new buds, in such a way that everything faces upwards.


New position in its pot and styled. Again another tree that in spring is ready for following up.


There are lots of trees among our students ready for their refinement phase. This rigida needed one last selection in branches. Everything will be selected wisely in order to obtain good results while pinching in summer. This step is the most difficult phase towards a mature image of a rigida. This kind of pruning is being performed by me in our nursery. The trees are being presented here on appointment.

Acer palmatum pinching.


Pinching and pruning Maples.


Not every Maple needs the same pruning technique. Some of the Maples I defoliate 50% and others I defoliate 80%, depending on how they are and what I need to obtain.



Sometimes I do soft pinching by hand and sometimes with a pruning tweezer.

These Maples are for sale at -50%.



Pinus thunbergii.




Sometimes we advice our students to bring their trees in for maintenance, so we can do the pruning at the best period for the tree. This Black pine was brought in, we put it in our greenhouse and when the buds start to grow we do the pruning work. This is a service we start this year.

Warning protect your trees.

To our students in Belgium, northern France, The Netherlands:
Due to the windy conditions it is not recommended to put or keep your trees on display outside, definitely not fresh potted trees and maples that are newly in full leaf. A better place is on the ground and protected from the wind. Trees standing in this wind can have a stop of growth, which means the rest of the season they will have to recover. Fresh potted trees could dry out standing in the wind.

Larix half cascade – beginning.


My first yamadori Larix;  1st styling in 1991 and restyling in 2012.


First wiring and first shaping.


First pot.


A few years later, before pruning.


After pruning.


Again a few years later, I split the main branch to give it more movement and to bring it closer to the trunk.


One year after spliting the branch. The front side.



The back side.


The Larix in 2012 just before the  restyling; see my post of 22 November 2012: Restyling Larix.




The Larix 6 months after the restyling. The tree is now for sale for a special price.