Acer buergerianum prébonsai.

After 9 years of cultivation period and 3 years in this pot we now have this raw material of Acer buergerianum. First branch selection and 1st wiring was done 2 years ago. Some more new branches has grown on and now they are ready for a 2nd wiring.

Acer buergerianum

The trees wired and styled are now on our sales benches. From there on this is ideal starters material towards a better quality bonsai in the future. We did some smaller & some medium size. This is now very good material for the projects during our workshops, were we will take next steps of root improvement, taper improvement, branch ramifications etc…

Acer buergerianum, wired



Preparing Juniper Cascade for rewiring



Also this Juniper is too dense and needs more light inside. The tree was about 14 years in training and his top condition was 5 years ago. The last three years the leaf quality was not so strong anymore. Last summer I let him grow without doing any work on it.  He has become stronger now and I will thin him out to make him ready for rewiring.


From the thin branches we select the strongest.



More pics to follow after rewiring.