There was a time between the 70’s and 90’s that every bonsai collector had a Zelkova serrata in his collection. To find one in a collection or at an exhibition now is rare. The short white trunk and open broom style crown is a typical Zelkova style as they grow in nature. This is a typical tree style which exists all over the world. In Japan it is still very famous in the “old school” gardens. The tree on the photo is chu hin size in a very large oversized pot. The tree will stay in this pot for two more years, till more refined ramifications and an even more perfect root base. To create a powerfull tree out of this species there is a lot of trimming work in summertime. This tree just had his winter pruning and is ready to start the growing season. We have two more specimens available that did not had the winter pruning yet and are in a normal sized pot. Those are in the sales area at reduced price.

Satsuki Azalea.


Today I prepared this red flowering satsuki Azalea for sho-hin. A very powerful trunk, from root base to apex 20cm high. The trunk base underneath  11cm wide. Nice root base. The branch selection is already done. Enough branches to do a first wiring. Tomorrow I will prepare another seven Azalea of the same material. Price: 250€. This is extremely good sho-hin material.