Last weeks workshop.


This is a Taxus cuspidata yamadori from Japan that we started up a few years ago. The tree came now on a “Two to One” workshop for the next step.


We did some further refinement on the deadwood. In the beginning there were many branches removed and now that wood was dry enough to start the next carving.


Teaching how to carve is not easy. That is why I do mostly the big lines with the movement and the depth and the owner can follow the lines and finish it off with brushes.


The image of the deadwood is nearly done. This was a job for 1/2 a day.


After pruning and selecting the better branches we decide to do a wiring of the strongest and thickest branches and leave the younger & smallest branches unwired.


The tree can stand one year longer in this training pot and next year we will check the progress of the leaf quality after the next maintenance and from then on we can go further. For project trees we only make a programm for one year at the time.



Impression of todays workshop.


Checking the thinning out of the foliage of an Itoigawa Juniper.


Discussing the possibilities for a restyling.


Different options were explained and discussed with the owner;  what he wants and what is best for the tree. The students can bring more than one tree on a workshop, for example this one is just to make a scedule for a future restyling.


This is a Juniper rock planting that was created on a workshop a few years ago and now needs maintenance.


Starting with the thinning out and cleaning of the needles.


The result after the maintenance. On a rock planting the image of the Junipers have to look very natural. If you wire the trees too often they do not look like a natural grown Juniper sany more. The image of Junipers hanging on cliffs and the image of the Juniper on top of the rock has to look “unforced grown”. It is the total image including the rock that gives the natural feeling.


This is an” aragi” Taxus baccata; that means an old garden plant prepared as raw material for bonsai.


After cutting away some thick branches and styled them in jins it was time to remove the old garden soil and prune the thicker roots.


A good draining soil mix of akadama and pumice in a big training pot is the start for a new project that will take between 6 & 10 years.


Necessary pruning back of an old Black Pine was the first step of a programm with a tree that was struggling and lost some inside branches. From now on we will follow the tree up 2 times a year during growing season.


Winter pruning on a maple and discussing the possibilities to repot the maple in a final pot in Spring.


During our workshops is full concentration important.


The thinning out and final wiring on a midsize Itoigawa Juniper. This tree goes now for his final image.