DSCF3292.jpg Preparing on this trident Maple the cambium for a better healing and to do a double graft next year over the cambium. With this it will heal very fast. We removed all the deadwood from last years cutting wound and go until we come to a living part all around, cover it  with cutpaste and the wound can heal for a few centimeters and this is what we need to put next years graft in.


Last year I prepared one branch and put it in position with wire were we miss an important branch. I wanted to do the grafting with a branch as thick as the others. That is why I need the wood of the branch of 3 years old. On the photo you can see the place and the branch that we are going to graft.


We need to carve in the trunk exactly on the place were the branch has to come. The depth of the carving has to be the same as the thickness of the branch. It has to fit in perfectly over the whole length. Than we remove the bark on the inside of the branch that there is a good contact between branch and trunk. Never use cutpaste on grafting wounds.


We are using a grafting robe to close everything very thight to each other. Bend it 3 double to be sure that there is no air in between.


Grafting is finished, you can see on this photo very clear that the position of the branch we used has been prepared the year before. How long it will stay on? That is always the question. The part that is coming out will grow thicker than the part that is going in and than it is ready to be removed. We always count about two years. The biggest mistake you can make is to remove the robe too early.

Fagus part 2.


I pruned back the Fagus from yesterday. From now on I leave the tree untouched until next year same time and than I will make the first selection of the new branches. Spring 2014 I am going to lift him out of the pot to open the air layered root system and change the soil mix into pure akadama. That way he will stay in the pot for 3 to 4 years. Than another repotting to select the roots all around off the same thickness and after another 3 years we can talk about a natural root base. To have a good result after an air layering we always need between 7 and 10 years. In the same time we will also work on the shape of the tree, pruning in the right directions and wiring if necessary. Also to finish with a good result we need for the shape of the tree the same time as the time to finish the root base. So the complete finished tree will be between 7 and 10 years. For projects it is always the same; if you do not start with it you can not finish. After the selection of branches in autumn/winter 2013, the real  work on this projects begins in april 2014 on a regular base.

Yamadori Sabina.


For sale Juniperus sabina yamadori medium size for a very special price, 50% discount.


Natural deadwood, elegant life veine, compact foliage. Ready for styling; more than seven years in pot. 


Half cascade is one of the options in styling. Beautiful branches inside to give the tree open spaces. Don’t miss this one.

Air Layering.


This is a Fagus sylvatica ball shape garden plant of about 35 years old. This plant was pruned in ball shape from the beginning, there are no cutting marks and we have a conical trunk.


Last April we decided to do an air layering from the upper part of the tree. Before we get temperatures below zero for a longer period we checked if we had enough roots.  The sphagnum moss was completely full with young roots and the upper part was ready to be removed.


All he branches are growing to the outside close to each other. We do not need this wide volume and to remove the upper part from the main trunk we had to prune it back without any selection. Also the tree doesn’t need so much volume.


Now we have a clear view on the place  just under the new rootball we have to cut it off.


With a chain saw we tried to cut as flat as possible because the tree has to stand on the cutting mark in his pot.


We potted the tree up in a very light mixture of good quality soil based on peat. Fixed it with wire all around. Tomorrow I am going to prune the tree in the right proportion. This will be about 80cm high, a perfect taper, a good balanced and natural branch structure from the lower to the upper part. Tomorrow I will also explain the next steps for the future and how much time it will take to achieve a perfect rootbase. This is raw material on his best for this variety, better than any yamadori you can find because you don’t have to deal with strong and thick roots not on the same height around the trunk. In case of yamadori most of the lower branches are died off or too weak. Finding this material is not easy, there is no owner of a beautiful garden with such kind of shapped plants that will give you permission to do an air layering on them. Such beautiful shapped plants are not cheap. I planted them in my garden especially for that purpose a long time ago. I only use that technique on extremely good material, it makes no sense to do an air layering on a plant with no good potential.

 Are you interested in air layered quality trees we have 3 Juniperus, 1 Zelkova, 3 Maples and this Fagus for sale. Your project can be followed up here on workshops.